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ROTOT Decorative Pouf Cover Review

ROTOT is a company that offers high quality, durable and comfortable poufs made of polyester. They come in different sizes and shapes – some with arms, others flat out like ottomans – but they’re all stylishly designed to go along with any room’s decor. I’m not typically into the whole “lounge” look (who spends time lounging these days?), so when my husband got me one for Christmas last year it was just what I needed to help complete our living space without adding an extra piece or making things too ‘matchy-matchy’.

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Features of ROTOT Decorative Pouf Cover

1. Durable PU Leather
2. Lightweight and Portable Design
3. Eco-Friendly and Recyclable
4. Multi-Purpose
5. 100% Customer Satisfaction

1. Durable PU Leather

The durable PU leather is easy to clean and will stay in good condition for years, while the machine-washable soft microfiber upholstery is comfortable on your skin. The pouf comes with a free one year warranty along with an attractive design that looks great in any room of the house. This stylish cover has been made extra special by being Multicolor

2. Lightweight and Portable Design

The ROTOT Decorative Pouf Cover is made of a lightweight and durable polyester material with a faux suede-like finish. The cover has an elegant design that’s perfect for adding some extra style to your décor without taking up too much space.

3. Eco-Friendly and Recyclable

This is a beautiful and eco-friendly pouf cover that’s made from recycled PET bottles. This makes the product 100% recyclable and more environmentally friendly than ordinary plastics. The design of this pet bottle inlay has been popular with our customers, which have praised its modern look – there’s no need to hide this stunningly pretty piece away!

4. Multi-Purpose

With the holidays approaching, you may need a little extra seating to accommodate guests…and maybe some decorations as well. This fun and colorful pouf cover is perfect for both! The durable polyester can withstand several washings while still maintaining its color and shape. Plus it comes with two matching pillow covers in every set so you’ll have plenty of options when deciding on your decorating scheme.

5. 100% Customer Satisfaction

The ROTOT Decorative Pouf Cover is made of polyester, which makes it soft and comfortable. The cover itself will not require any care or maintenance making them ideal for those who would rather avoid the hassle. 100% customer satisfaction comes with every purchase meaning you can rest assured that your investment in this item won’t be a waste of time and money. These covers are machine washable but should only be put on dryer to soften up before use!

Reviews & Ratings of ROTOT Decorative Pouf Cover

Our Rating: 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

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The ROTOT Decorative Pouf Cover is a heavy duty fabric that fits onto most square, rectangular or round poufs. It has been designed to protect your expensive furniture from the usual wear and tear of kids roughhousing on it! This cover can be easily washed in the washing machine at home for minimal fuss.
I found 3 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded this product 4 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
One reviewer said: “This was easy to put on, looks great, seems durable (it’s not called tough-guy fabric for nothing),” while another reviewer commented: “Very happy with my purchase – just wish I’d ordered two!” Finally one review stated: “Love it! Good quality material & fit perfectly over our couch cushion making seat quite comfortable & stylish too.”
That makes it very easy for me to recommend this product as well.


The ROTOT Decorative Pouf is a great way to add color and texture to any area of your home. With its polyester fabric, it comes in over 40 colors and designs, making it perfect for a variety of rooms. It’s water-resistant so that spills don’t soak into the fibers, giving you peace of mind when decorating with this item!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is sitting on a pouf comfortable?

A: Yes, sitting on a pouf is very comfortable.

Are poufs durable?

A: Poufs are not durable. They will eventually wear out and become unusable.

What is the difference between a pouf and an ottoman?

A: A pouf is a type of cushion that is typically used as a footrest. An ottoman is a furniture item with an open top and bottom, which can be used to store items such as blankets or magazines.

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